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How to Start Bodybuilding – Looking at the pictures of bodybuilding greats like Schwarzenegger, Oliva, Zane, Coleman, Heath, Columbu, Haney, Wheeler and Yates, you can’t help but dream of having the same physique.

True, genetics plays a crucial part to success. But that is only one part of the equation. You can have the genes of a topnotch bodybuilder, but if you do not train consistently or do not even know how to train, you simply can’t be successful.

If you are looking for a plan on how to start bodybuilding, here are the initial steps that you need to undertake:

1. Before you start

Before embarking on your journey toward bodybuilding greatness, you need to visit your doctor first and get his clearance. Your doctor will alert you about potential health issues and make sound recommendations about training and dieting.

2. Make an inventory of the things that you need to change

Often, that starts with your diet. You cannot become a bodybuilder if you subsist on junk food. It doesn’t work that way. Before starting, you need to clear your cupboard of junk food.

“What does it take to transform yourself and take full mastery of your body to elevate it to a different, beastly level?”

The same thing applies to your mindset. You cannot undergo the punishment of training with a defeatist mindset. Training (and competing) entails commitment and a positive mindset.

3. Muscles are made in the kitchen

Bodybuilding nutrition is one of the key areas where most beginners falter. Simply put, you need to provide your engine (your body) with the right fuel (food). You cannot rely on restaurants to provide you with the fuel your body needs. Often, you have to prepare your own meals. Which food items should you buy? You may want to stock up on whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits, egg whites, low fat milk, turkey, chicken breasts, canned tuna, and frozen lean meats.

4. Prep work

You can copy a program you found online or a magazine, but you may risk burning yourself out, or worse, injuring yourself.

The better approach when you are just starting out in bodybuilding is to give your body and mind ample time to adapt to the stress it will face during training.

Set aside one to two weeks to prepare yourself using a combination of cardio and circuit training exercise. Start with bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups before venturing toward bodybuilding programs.

5. Goal setting

You can’t be successful if you do not set goals for yourself. As a beginner, what goals should you set for yourself? It can be as simple as shedding a few pounds or increasing the amount of weight you lift. What is important is that you track your progress in a journal. As you look back at the progress you have made, you can use this as fuel for motivation.

Other areas you need to pay attention to on How to Start Bodybuilding

Simply put, training can be demanding on your body. That means that you need to give your body ample rest and recovery time, especially good quality sleep. The same thing goes for stress. As much as possible, try to minimize or eliminate stress from your life which can lead to poor diet choices or even skipped workouts.

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