Keven “Da Hulk” will be at Pumped Up Fitness Nutrition on July 30th at 1pm for a free guest event where the winners will be chosen.

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On July 31st the two lucky winners will be driven in a limo to the workout session with Keven in a locked gym.

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When people refer to you as “Da Hulk,” you’ve got to back that up with serious size and strength.

There’s a reason why Keven Da Hulk Washington perfectly embodies that moniker. Just one look at him and you’ll see why. The powerlifter, licensed personal trainer and nutritionist, and Black Market Labs Ambassador deftly combines strength and size into an awesome physique most men can merely dream about — a physique that inspires a mix of awe and fear.

Just how strong is Keven Da Hulk Washington? While few people can manage to eke out a single rep bench press weighing 495 pounds, Keven can comfortably churn out 16 reps with that weight and 27 reps for 405 pounds. He can also do 22 pull-ups and has curled 315 pounds for two reps.

Now, Pumped Up Fitness Nutrition gives you the rare opportunity to have a one-on-one workout with Keven Da Hulk, pick his mind, and learn his training secrets and motivation.

All you have to do is buy $125 worth of Black Market Labs products on or before July 30th from Pumped Up Fitness Nutrition. On July 30th, Keven will be going to Pumped Up Fitness Nutrition for a special event where he will choose two lucky winners. The next day, these two winners will be driven by limo to have a workout session with Keven in a locked gym.

Born in New Orleans in 1985, Keven started strength training when he was just seven years old, under the guidance of his father. Standing at six feet and weighing somewhere between 305 and 308 pounds while competing and 325 pounds during the off season, Da Hulk boasts of a biceps size of 24 inches. He has earned accolades at both the Clash 610 and at Europa 608 for the biggest bench.

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