Accessory Exercises - Pumped Up Fitness Nutrition Hollister, CAAll exercises have the ability to help you shed pounds and develop your strength, but if your goal is to sculpt your body, some of the best exercises you should perform on a regular basis are accessory exercises.

“There are many types that you can try to specifically target your problematic areas. Rounded up below are five of the most effective accessory exercises to help you achieve the physique of your dreams.”

Try adding these Accessory Exercises into your routine:

The Split Squat

– This is known as the best substitute for a back squat and it’s exceptionally effective in stimulating your lower body’s muscle groups. Anybody who is worried about the lower back area looking quite chunky and rippled with fat can benefit from this accessory exercise. It can tone those glutes and hamstrings and increase strength. To really jack this exercise up, you can choose to hold weights in each hand or a barbell on your back.


– These are very familiar due to the fact that so many struggle to pull even just one off. Some trainers have developed many substitutes to the traditional push-ups, so for many, the original ones have become forgotten exercises. However, push-ups are particularly great because there’s a multitude of ways to modify them and increase their intensity. Using resistance bands for push-ups actually has similar effects to a six-rep max on bench press. Push-ups are perfect for broadening the shoulders, strengthening the chest muscles, and creating ripped triceps and biceps.

Farmer’s Walk

– This is another often disregarded or forgotten exercise, especially when there’s not enough space in the workout facility or a person finds walking around with heavy weights quite awkward. However, this exercise effectively develops the legs, the core and upper back. Just make sure that you hold the right posture the whole time for the best effect.


– Doing dips is the best way to get those gymnast’s arms which, needless to say, are incredibly impressive. These can be performed in different ways for sculpting different muscle groups on the upper body. It’s imperative, however, that every variant is executed correctly because the likelihood of getting an injury is high if dips are not done right. It’s important to point out as well that at times, it’s necessary to add heavy weights for the right amount of tension or pressure since the chest responds best to heavy weights.

Lying cable curl

– This is a type of bicep curly that can really increase muscle size. It is accomplished using cables instead of dumbbells so you can maintain proper form better. A supinated grip, or palms facing you, is the best grip for optimum bicep stimulation, which is why using a straight bar cable attachment is the best to use in executing this exercise.

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